Introspection, Idea and How to solve it.

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Introspection, Idea and How to solve it.

Post by Admin on Wed Oct 22, 2014 3:47 pm

Hello beautiful you !

Here is one of the idea I had earlier this day : the main thing to reach true inner peace and happiness is by getting rid of what`s in between us and that peace and happiness. And what`s in between it is within our-self, seeing that is the first step.
The second step, and that`s where we`ve got to be active, is to start seeking inside what`s going wrong. Why are we were we are. What is holding us back. When we find that thing (inner, such as inner insecurity, desire, fear, ambition, impatience, etc...), when we went as deep as we can, and we do know what it is that is keeping us away from peace and happiness, we need to know how to solve that thing. And here we go. With the website, we can get a section "How to solve ...", with for example "How to solve your inner insecurity feeling", and then explaining the steps that leads someone from being bind to some ideas to become free from these ideas.
So 3 steps :

1- Introspection (What is wrong ?)
2- Idea delimited (Push the introspection to its limits)
3- Solve the problem.

How does that sounds ?! =)


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