Why (& the beginning of the idea of a leading website)

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Why (& the beginning of the idea of a leading website)

Post by Admin on Fri Aug 01, 2014 6:25 am

Our planet is falling. We are falling. We are destroying ourself, the others living organism, the resources of the entire planet. We are doing bad. And we can feel it. We wake up, we go to work, we watch television, knowing that something`s wrong. We are doing it in the wrong way. We are looking for something wrong outside of us. We say : That person is bad and make the world a bad place. We say : that government is wrong and make the world a bad place. We see the problem outside of ourself, and whatever we do, the problem is always there.
We are suffering. We are never happy. We always want something more, something that might happend in the future. We are living in our head. Planning for the future at every instant of our lifes, or living in the past with what we`ve done, what we could or should have done.
We are lost in our minds.

Lost in our minds, and possessing a great technology. We`ve got everything to destroy our planet, and even more. A couple of atomic bomb, and f-uuum, nothing`s left.

So now, now that everything and everyone seems to be crazy, we`ve got to decide. Do we want to disappear, as a specie, killing our planet at the same time, or do we want to live in harmony and peace, with each other and with the entire planet ? The question is there, it`s not utopic at all, we`ve got the proof, now we`ve just got to decide what we want to do. Individually. And so as a specie. And once we decide, we must start our journey, wherever it`s going to lead us. If you are ready to start your own journey into a world whithin yourself that you don`t even know the existence, and if you are ready to save the entire planet by doing so, welcome to the beginning of your path.


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