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Post by Admin on Thu Mar 26, 2015 2:22 pm

After watching "the butterfly effect". I believe I should write here the way I think one should live life.

Everything happens for a reason. If something seems to be bad, know that you can not know if it really is a bad thing. Because worst could have happen. You can not see, nor can anyone, the bigger picture. Therefore, whatever happens, should be accepted and not denied, no matter how tough it is. You should, or should I say, you MUST live a happy life. You MUST live the best version of your own life. Because this life, the one that you have, the one you are in the middle in right now, is not only the most precious thing that you have, but it also is a unique thing, that won't happen again. You have, you must, live it to the fullest. The last thing on earth that you want, is to get to the point where you have only a few moment left to live, and you see that you have been doing your whole life wrong, never doing your best to live it to its maximum potential. You must live a happy life. You must not regret anything, accept whatever has happened, for you can not see if it was a good or a bad thing. You must live in the now, plan the future and acknowledge the past, but you must live, and spend most of your time, in the now. In the present moment. You must be fully aware of that moment, for whatever it is, is the only thing that will ever be. In your journey through life, you want to do some things, and avoid some others. Avoid harming any human, any animals. If you harm, the first thing that you harm, before harming an animal or another human, is yourself. Avoid harming. The thing, you see, is that you already know all of those things I'll tell you. Every being know what is good and what is bad. So connect again to the source, know what is good and bad, do the good and avoid the bad. Never harm overs, in any way. Never let any of your acts hurt someone. Always do your best, no matter what happens. Remember that if we play an eye for an eye, the next moment we'll find us all blind. Act kindly. Act with compassion, love. Try to put up everyone. Cheer those who need it. Support those who need it. Don't close your eyes on what's happening, for it is your responsibility to act, and deciding to not see is deciding to not act. You must act in this world. You must bring peace and happiness in the world. For you are all that it takes to live in a world better than we can even imagine.

How ?

Start being true to yourself. Remember the child you use to be, and get back all the values you use to cherish as a little human discovering the world. Don't say no to your dreams. We live in a world where everything is possible, and you can achieve anything. Whatever you dream off, go for it. Follow your guts in life. Connect to your feelings again. If you feel like it is a really bad idea to go there with that person, don't do it. Face your fears. Facing your fears, trusting life enough to let go of what you can not control, is something you can learn. And once you've learned it, the whole world will be different. You'll find yourself able to do anything, without any barrier to stop you. Keep dreaming, and keep following your dreams. Never let anyone, ANYONE, not even yourself, tell you that you can not do something. Sometimes it is those that we imagine the less of that do what we could not imagine. Be true to yourself. If your guts tell you to do something, if you're dreaming of something, go for it. Don't let your fear stop you on the way.
To live the life you want you'll need a nice set of trees. Those trees will be by your side all your life and will guide you along your path. You need to know that you have the seeds for those trees. All you need to know, and this is something only you can do, is to plant them. Then, you need to come, over and over, and water them. You'll have to be patient, diligent, and the trees will come. To live the life you want, you'll want to have a good body. One that follows you on your journey, that doesn't leave you while you're on the way.
Take care of your body. Give it the fuel it needs, and avoid the poison. Practice the skills of your body, and do new things. Whatever you know how to do, it's good, but there is always something new to try your body on. If you can write perfectly with your right hand, try from time to time to use your left hand. If you are used to do a ball-related sport, try something without a ball. Always say yes to the opportunities to discover something new, and always try to invent something new to do for you.
You also want to have a good mind. It'll be with you at any time, and is a very precious resource. You want to give him some time of your day, just like you give some time of your day to your body, to feed it. The mind needs its food too. Or to be more accurate, it would be the contrary. The body works with food, and need food to stay alive. The mind's fuel are the thoughts, but you do not need them to stay alive. Your mind actually will appreciate to have some time off your thoughts, some time of rest. You would be surprise to realise how many bad thoughts you're nurturing, and how they are putting you down. I see you coming, do not jump on the medicine or drugs to shoot your mind and sleep. You want your mind to be awake, alert, aware. For your mind, you want to practice a meditation. There is a lot of different kind of meditation, try them, choose one, and stick with it. I personally recommend Vipassana. The results you will get from working with your mind, are such that you can't even imagine them now.
You then want the outside world to become more like your inner world. You've started a process of inner well-being, and you want to keep that up. The people that you surround yourself with do matter. You need to do your best with them, that is, to help them whenever you can. However, in all the situations you can't help them, if those people are bringing you down, you need to take some distance. You do not want the people close to you to put you down, but to take you up, cheerfully.
You will then take actions and those actions must be in phase with the true you, with the you not afraid of being what he is, with the you that, just like the sunshine, is brighter than ever and lightens the life of those he encounters.

Be happy.

With all my Love.


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