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A thrilling tree. A website that introduce the user to a special tree, a tree of the universe. The tree's got links in his leaves that brings the user to the answers and solutions to the problems that he asks himself. The tree's got different level of reality, we can swap from a level to another one and the tree changes colour to indicate the changement of level. Those levels should follow the spectrum of colour, and start very scientifically, going from the micro-universe to the macro-universe as we know it in science. Afterward, outside of the spectrum of colour, we should put some levels of reality and of perception  that are theoretical, if possible experienced by the wisest of human kind. We want those levels to inspire us toward more love, compassion, tolerance, diversity, peace. The range of information should be as broad as possible, from the anatomy, the particles, to how music works, how sport works, what the brain and the heart can do, how powerful the placebo effect is, toward another level of perception including things like the law of attraction, which even though not explained scientifically yet (as far as I know), is experienced everyday by thousands of people all around the world.
That tree should be friendly, and should really possess all the knowledge of the world. We should be able to go from leaves to leaves from one subject to another, with every kind of mediatisation to get ideas on how to grow, how to live a better life, how to make the world a better place. We should have some animes, some talks such as ted talks, or alan watts's lectures, some inspiring poetry and music, some movies such as peaceful warrior.


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