Testing people's perception of reality

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Testing people's perception of reality

Post by Admin on Wed Mar 11, 2015 4:19 am

That idea originated the forum, it haven't been pushed very far yet. Two suggestions came up, of question to ask to understand people's perception of reality :
-What is your purpose in life ?

-Who are you ?
I would say i`m a living being with two main parts. There is the "me", the ego, the proud I, the jealous I, the angry I, the excited I, that has a name, a story, a personnality. That`s me. But there`s also an other part. I think everyone is aware of that first part, the "me". The second part, i would call it the "deeper me", or the "real me", but that doesn`t matter much. This part can be seen and felt only when the other part allows it. I feel that second part only when my brain is silent, when i`m focus on myself, self-aware, fully-aware, or meditating. And then, i am that second part. I am, of course, both, but not more the first than the second, as i may have thought at some point. I`m very interested into that second part, (There it`s my first part speaking), because it`s different and... alright that`s another subject, but here is my main idea of who i am. Now that you are reading that, think how you`d answer that question, and then just do it here, that`s gonna be usefull. Thanks Smile


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