Surround yourself with "good vibes"

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Surround yourself with "good vibes"

Post by Admin on Fri Sep 26, 2014 8:39 am

The idea there is to surround yourself with what I would call good Vibes. By that, I mean mostly surround yourself with the right persons, those that are positive, honest, helpful, compassionate... and that helps you to grow and to evolve deep down. Avoid the people full of negative energy, always putting you down, lying, dishonest and energy-stealer. (I shall talk about that part later).

Create a sanctuary for yourself, a place where you feel good and you can get your energy back by relaxing or meditating. You don`t want any bad energy to come in that place, so keep anyone with bad vibes far from it. You also want to create an inner sanctuary, a place where you go, within yourself, to find your inner self back and to find the peace that you`ll then bring to the world.

We all want a better world. Few of us understand that we need to create that better world inside our-self first, and then only will we be able to see deep meaningful changes appear in our lives, and then expressing them to the world, making it better. We need others to help us in that process, and to keep us on our path when we`re getting out of it, loosing our-self in some illusions. We need others to create that better world we`re dreaming off. That`s why it`s important to surround yourself with the good people, the good vibes. Helping each other to grow deep down is what we need to change this world.


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